Growing Apples, and Using Computers, for Fun and Profit!

Here at Bluehat Enterprizes we are striving to serve all possible customer needs.

We sell "Washington State Apples" which are shipped directly to the purchaser from some of the largest Apple packing and storage facilities in the World. This fruit is not trucked across county for days or weeks before it reaches the grocery store only to be mishandled by untrained "stock boys" and stored without refrigeration.

These apples are packed to order and shipped U.P.S. directly to your door! Orders are shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays only, this insures that this delicious, but perishable, product reaches you within 3 days thus limiting the time out of refrigeration to a minimum, providing you the customer with the best possible eating experience!

Cherries are also available when they are in season, and we hope to be carrying Blueberries as well by sometime in 2003.

Our other Products:

We scour the internet, and other sources, to locate exceptional deals on any and all kinds of merchandise! Our goal is to provide quality products at a price you can afford, whether it's computer hardware, or software, or glassware, or clothing, or electronics, or tools, or jewelry, or you name it!

No Kidding!! You Name It! Let us know what you are looking for. That impossible to find item that you can't live without, or do you just want the very best price for the whatever of your dreams?

Our staff here at Bluehat Enterprizes will search high and low to find you the item you want for the best available price, plus a small 10% finders fee. You are not obligated unless you agree to our best price at which time we will purchase said item and ship it to you for a tiny 10% above our cost, buyer must pay the actual shipping cost.

Come on in and check us out!

We are here to serve you!